Alan Hughes, Exeter

Alan Hughes
Alan Hughes
I am a grandparent carer to a teenager. I am 69 years old, retired (mostly), married with two sons, four grandchildren and a dog. We live in the Exmouth area.

I was trained as an accountant/auditor, extending to become a property manager, implementing computer systems for large property owners.

In terms of public service, I was on school governing boards in London for 25 years, mostly in secondary schools, including vice chair and chair of finance committees. I have served as chair and treasurer in different boroughs for the Scouts Association. I am currently in my 14th year on the board of trustees for my workplace pension fund.

Why I become involved with DPCV: Some time ago my wife and I attended an event with my son to make contact with others, to try to understand what help is available and where to get it. DPCV has worked extremely hard to help parents and carers make sense of ‘the system’. It can be hard to get answers from the right people, or even knowing what questions to ask to get results.