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It costs nothing to get involved with DPCV.

All our events and meetings are free to attend, and we'll pay your travel and childcare costs. Sign up now for free updates, training, and consultation opportunities.

What is DPCV?

New TeamDPCV (Devon Parent Carers’ Voice)

is here to help parent carers have a say in improving services for children with additional needs and their families. By getting involved with DPCV, you can:

  • Have your say to help improve the services you rely on
  • Make your views known to local decision-makers
  • Help shape the future for children with additional needs
  • Stay up to date with proposed changes
  • Meet and share with other Parent Carers


It costs nothing to get involved with DPCV

All our events and meetings are free to attend, with reimbursement of reasonable travel and childcare costs.

You can get all the latest news via our free text messages, email bulletins, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages.


Engage with professionals to help shape services

As we are the recognised consultation route between parent carers and providers of services we ensure what you say is heard through:

  • Online consultations and surveys
  • Focus groups and workshops
  • Representing your views at meetings

We are the recognised representative of parent carers to the local authorities, service providers and charities working with children and young people across the county. Our voice counts, and as such, so does the voice of anyone who takes part in our events or activities. As a DPCV participant, parent carers can have their say in consultations, surveys and focus groups to change the way services are delivered.


Can you publicise our work by displaying an A4 poster or handing out leaflets in your school, workplace or community centre? Please do!

DPCV Events

Your involvement with DPCV can be as much or as little as you prefer: 

  • We organise and run events where you can hear from and talk to professionals who are shaping the services you and your child can access for information and support
  • We invite speakers to offer help, to inform you of new processes and any future changes

Parent Carers can take part in activities from attending the odd training event, through to taking part in regular meetings or helping organise events and admin. There is no minimum time commitment, and we provide training and travel expenses for your involvement.


Telephone support

Via our dedicated telephone line and our office, we can signpost you to local support groups and specialist organisations. Our professional contacts can help you to access support faster.


We really look forward to welcoming you to Devon Parent Carers’ Voice.

DPCV also welcomes professionals to attend events, to speak, network and consult with our members on any related issue. 

Jan Gasper, Chair

Jan Gasper, Chair

Hello! My name is Jan and I've been asked to chair DPCV. I am very willing to take on this role because I appreciate...

Ruth Marchant, Exeter

Ruth Marchant, Exeter

I feel completely honoured to fill the position as the new trustee for Exeter. Some of you know me from attending past...

Francesca Colomb, South Devon

Francesca Colomb, South Devon

I attended Teignmouth Grammar School. My career history is varied, having lived on a farm most of my life. I have been a...

Alan Hughes, Exeter

Alan Hughes, Exeter

I am a grandparent carer to a teenager. I am 69 years old, retired (mostly), married with two sons, four grandchildren...

New DPCV team in place, more members still needed!

New DPCV team in place, more members still needed!

Hello, my name is Jan Gasper and I'm the chair of DPCV. Further to last year's appeal for new trustees to replace...

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