2015 DPCV Conference

DPCV Paignton Zoo 188
DPCV Paignton Zoo 188
Our conference is our most popular annual event, and this year included keynote speaker Brahm Norwich on "The new SEN legislation and Code of Practice - implications for empowering parents". 

Workshops and presentations:

  • PenCRU
  • Exploring Parental Power
  • Mindfulness for stress
  • Working together to make a difference (How to get your views heard)

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Announcement by DPCV trustees:
We are Kate, Jo and Cindy, the outgoing trustees and parent leads of DPCV. We would like to also introduce Rosie and Fran who are helping us today, as is Nick, who is our IT expert, Debbie is helping us to shadow and support our volunteers - Our ‘helping hands’. Caroline who is handling marketing and promotions for us and also Barbara and Karen who provide our business and financial support. Some of you will also have met Jacqueline Wye, Jacqueline is here to recruit and guide the new trustees and helping hands- with the help of Debbie Pritchard because as many of you know, from today, we the 3 current trustees will be stepping down.

It has been a pleasure and an honour to work with so many wonderful parents and carers over the last 2 ½ years, but the time has come to hand over to someone new.