About Our Events

Family Event at Paignton Zoo
Family Event at Paignton Zoo
At our events there will always be a number of invited professionals who come to support DPCV. Information is provided on various topics and requests might be made for members to join consultations. 

DPCV hold a number well attended, focused events throughout the year. Events are either themed or concentrate on a particular age range. Our ever popular County Conference is usually held in June. Our aim is that all events will provide a mixture of learning and refreshing skills, along with consultations and information sharing. Devon is divided into three localities - Southern, Eastern and Northern. Events will be held twice a year in each area. All parent carers are welcomed to all events.  

County Committee meetings are held quarterly, and consist of representatives from DPCV and professionals from Health, Education and Social Care. Current consultations, questionnaires or evaluations will be discussed together with events and training needs. At every meeting we ensure that parents concerns and challenges are shared with the decision makers.   

We will generally pay for reasonable travel costs and childcare to enable you to attend meetings and events. If you occur additional costs due to disabilities, please let us know.