About our Consultations and Surveys

Consultation consists of a number of people discussing a specific topic. DPCV helps to ensure parents are informed about proposed service changes and are invited to give ideas and raise concerns about proposals. If you are attending an event as parent you are there to represent your own views, but if you are attending as a parent representative then you must be aware that you represent the views of all parent carers within your group. Participation may be a long or short process and some meetings are ongoing pieces of work.

Professionals and organisations contact DPCV when they want to find out answers to questions or arrange a consultation. We then discuss a way forward for making sure we acheive the best results. If representation on groups and committees is required then we are trusted to provide the best parent carers to match the skills and knowledge required. We will send out questionnaires, and there is no obligation to take part - it is simply an opportunity for you to connect with the professionals in your area who have the power to make a difference.

When feeding back results we produce reports that go to providers, commissioners, and individuals. Results from consultations are also fed back to decision making bodies, locally to parent carers, and Parent Representatives provide feedback from discussions and changes to services. All reports from consultations are available in the Consultations section of this website. If you would be happy to take part in a consultation please let us know and tell us what your area of interest might be. The form that you complete for consultations is anonymous and all results are collated collectively so they do not represent the view of any one parent. 

Being a representative is a voluntary activity. We identify the opportunity and will advertise this locally, or we will ask parent carers directly. Only parent carers who are members of DPCV can represent us, and they should have a proven record of support for the organisation and our ethos. They must be willing to sign the DPCV code of practice.